Here at Staff Icons we strive to continue to bring you the best possible quality. That dedication has lead us to create specialized teams for industries and disciplines, making sure that our recruiters know exactly what our clients’ needs are. We also continue to develop new services to stay on the forefront of the recruiting industry. Here at Staff Icons our goal is to give all of our clients a personal touch while providing nationwide service.

The process:

Once a client decides that they would like to utilize our video interviewing service we go over the questions that they want asked. If they have specifics we will use them, if they do not and want to simply get a feel for the candidate we will craft the questions for them. These can include:

  • Supervisory experience Career goals
  • Specific skills • Management style
  • Relocation flexibility
  • Industry knowledge
  • Licenses held
  • Desired salary

Once we have the interview built the candidate will receive an email with a link into our system specific to them. They will have detailed instructions on the interview technology. Once the interview begins they answer each of the questions on video. When completed we receive an alert and then share the responses with our clients.


Relocation Services

In addition to the traditional advantages of using a recruitment firm there is now added value for both clients and candidates. Staff Icons now has licensed realtors on staff to help in relocating candidates. With the addition of relocation services clients can be assured that their hires that are relocating will have a seamless transition and be ready to start when they are needed. For the candidates’ side it allows for a continued relationship and the ability to work with individuals who already know what they are looking for and what they need. This helps to mitigate stress while moving and starting a new career.


Video Interviewing

Our new service will enable us to provide you with an even greater snapshot of the candidates we send to you than ever before. The new feature allows us to ask specific questions tailored to each position that we have; these questions are created by our expert staff or can be provided by our clients if they have specific information that they want. Our system is fully customizable and can allow for the elimination of a phone screen entirely, saving our clients useful man hours.